Kokomo's Island Cafe
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When Apropos Painting Studio needed help on Famous Dave Anderson's recent project, Kokomo's Island Cafe, they turned to Muralman Inc. for the production of monumental tiki gods, giant flowers and scenic painting and direction.

We started with the production of the giant flowers. Dave had seen a similar floral display in Las Vegas but wanted his own, distictive look. These Sintra giants look far more realistic, despite their tremendous proportions than their Vegas counterparts. Click here for a look at the finished product.

The tiki pictured above was the first fully completed tiki for the restaurant. Dave Anderson had a hand in every aspect of the tiki's production. We've worked with Dave before. He knows what he likes and will keep making suggestions until it's just right. That didn't take too long though. Together, we created these monumental sculptures by combining our experience with a little bit of experimentation resulting in a finished product that is unlike any other, another Dave Anderson signature original.

Click here to see the incredible scenic storefronts!

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