Chad Hambright

Visual Artist

Earlier in my life my art fluctuated between calculated visual statements and
expressive mark-making explorations. As I would labor over recreating the image in my
mind that properly represented my thoughts, I would use the excess paint to explore
and be free on another separate surface. Conversely, when I was playing with
expressive energetic marks, I would come up with ideas for higher concept pieces and
make note to work on them later. I’ve learned over time, that my best work comes as a
hybrid of the two. Instead of keeping them separate, the greatest outcome was always
to let each one inform the other.

My recent work uses an approach that allows free-flowing expressive markmaking
to grow into a grander understanding by commenting on the works’ own
development as it is made. That development then drives the future marks, and the two
play with each other until the piece finds visual harmony.

It has a sense of abstract expressionism, but where the abstraction isn’t always
derived from a definite representational form, nor is the expressionist aspect so free as
to not contain a sense of purpose or meaning . In detail, patterns form and express
themselves only long enough to morph into new patterns, while at large, all those parts
inform a whole grander than their sum. And I use a lot of color.