Seedy Underbelly Piano Hall
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OK, so it's not a piano hall in the sense that you might think of right away but that's just the point. It's a piano, in a hallway. That's where it sits, and most of the time, that's where it stays.

So John Kuker, owner of the Seedy Underbelly didn't want the people who played this piano to feel like they were sent out into the hall to do their take. He wanted this small room to feel as welcoming to be in and as comfortable to play in as any.

Muralman Inc. created just the right atmosphere with a subtle blend of colors on the ceiling, picking up on the colors used in the custom dye-brushed cotton panels used on the walls. The woodwork is all custom and sports a variety of unique dyes, stains and varnishes developed and applied by Muralman Inc.

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