Well, it’s probably worth a lot more than you think.

Did you go to school for art? if so, add those costs into your art.

No, you are self-taught. Well, add that time into your art pricing.

But I’m not a master.

Have you seen what passes for a master these days?

Look, We’re not saying that fine art doesn’t take some training. It does. What we are saying is that fine art masters are not always masters and that there are many great masters who are never known to the public. The difference happens when those who posses the skill are finally recognized for it.

So, how do you evaluate your art? How do you determine the right price for your pieces. It’s easier than you think. Sit down and figure out how much time you spend on your work. Don’t be short or hedge your time. Pay yourself a decent wage. If you are new, give yourself $18hr. If you are more seasoned, give yourself a raise. Now multiply that by the time you have been an artist. For many of us $75-$100 an hour is just the beginning. Imagine a buyer who is looking for the perfect piece you have just created. Price it accordingly. You are doing yourself and your buyer a great service.

If you don’t know what your art is worth, submit today. If you are chosen to be among the TCFA Artist Community, we will help you to determine just that.