I received a query today…

Hi–I saw your call on Submittable but not much detail about who you are or what you’re up to exactly. Can you give me some more info? Thanks.

I would like to share my response if this helps any of you to make a decision to join us….

Yes, we are a for-profit art gallery. We wish to represent artists in the Twin Cities who consider themselves to be fine artists. We intend to promote the work through the website and with at least one brick and mortar exhibition per year. This is a juried gallery. We are still building the site and we will provide a list of our jurors, soon.

Oh well, here it is… I am Barry McMahon, I am an artist and a curator, I curated Room for Art in St. Louis Park for two years. My design credits range from the symbol years of Prince, stage and set design as well as instrument design to my current position as Vice President of Creative for SolTec Health. John Vieno is an artist and curator and I will let him tell you about his credentials when you read about him on TCFA. Ari Munzner is an artist, curator and Professor Emeritus at MCAD, he is also one of the founding members of the college. We are in this to make Minnesota a destination for buying fine art.

We accept what we feel represents fine art, regardless of location. In other words, simply representing Minnesota doesn’t qualify. TCFA seeks to redefine the expectations of fine artists in Minnesota. We are based in Minneapolis but believe that the Midwest is underrepresented in fine art. If your art is just about Minnesota, it may not be what we are looking for. We seek work that challenges the viewer to an exploration of what they know and what they are unaware of. This is a place for fine art. A concept will not be enough. Execution is paramount. We create a page for each artist after receiving the requested information. We publicize the site through social media and PR.

Our journey has only just begun, but we feel that the Twin Cities have more to offer than most metropolitan regions considering the dense population of people who identify as artists in this community.

We do not handle delivery of the art.

We only take 20% when a sale is made.

This covers the cost of me coding the site, arranging the venues, promoting the art, etc. When we start selling art, I will hire help, but until then, I can’t see charging more. It’s your art!

Please submit if you are qualified.