Twin Cities Fine Arts is Why YOU ARE HERE!

If there’s a simpler way to say it, let us know

We are building a community of professional artists, living and working, not only in the Twin Cities but all of Minnesota. Artists are encouraged to submit work. Visitors are encouraged to purchase work by these fine artists, rather than looking to the usual places such as New York and Los Angeles, invest in quality work from the Midwest! And don’t even get us started on Chicago!

TCFA seeks to make Minnesota a destination for Fine Art.

You can become a part of that movement today.

Submit, Buy, or Both! We are happy you have joined us…

Paintings by Aribert Munzner ~ Professor Emeritus, Minneapolis College of Art and Design – Principal Juror, TCFA

Art is an Investment

It’s an investment in the passion of the artist, brought forth through years of dedication to their own artistic expression. We at Twin Cities Fine Arts actively seek out professional artists who have refined their skills, masters of their chosen genre.

The work of such artists increases in value, making the purchase of the work an investment as well. TCFA takes the guesswork out of selling and purchasing fine art by enabling and educating both artists and collectors.

The Fine Art of the Midwest Lives Here


Advancing Art responsibly is the model.


TCFA is bringing the artists of today into the headlines of the future.


We guarantee each artist full representation on our site and at least one brick and mortar, group exhibition per year. We deal strictly with limited editions and original purchases, requiring significant proof of interest.

The 2 Ways Art Increases in Value


Artists rarely track the hours they work, particularly on any given piece. Those who do are even more aware of the time spent, not only in the making of the artwork but also in the education, practice and understanding required to create the works. TCFA was created by artists for artists. We support a healthy Art Marketplace where both Artists and Buyers benefit from the sale.



Collectors are a critical component to the life of Fine Art. While agencies abound in many major cities across the globe, their lack of ability or desire to represent a wider base of artists continues to leave major gaps in the professional artistic community. TCFA provides a more direct conduit to the artists who live and work within the collector’s community, increasing the value of the work for both Buyer and Artist.